ConnectCentral always respects client and candidate confidentiality (see our Privacy Policy).
Our goal is to help clients get what they want: exceptionally talented, prequalified candidates, in a timely way.

To do this effectively, we tailor a recruiting plan to your specific goals. We conduct a confidential search, identifying key individuals with the skills and industry experience that match your requirements. Our extensive candidate database and network of industry contacts can dramatically reduce your time to hire and your overall recruiting costs.

We take our candidates through a qualification process to ensure they are a good fit for your job opening and your company. We know this requires much more than finding candidates who meet the requirements of the job. We believe it's equally important to consider the client's unique corporate culture and management style as well as the candidate's career goals.  Our objective is to establish a long-term relationship with clients. By becoming familiar with your company culture, operations, and most frequent hiring needs, we are able to quickly and efficiently locate exceptional candidates for you when a job opening occurs.

Whether you have a large project that requires hiring multiple candidates, or you need just one key person, ConnectCentral can respond quickly.
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